A quick page for some pics from Provo way back when

Enjoy!!!, I did.

Arrived at the Comfort Suites, of course it was dark when we arrived, but this is probably a better picture.
Checking in at the Front desk. Was very nice that the manger was always available for a quick ride to the phone company to get signed up for an internet connection.

Let's meet the players, this of course is yours truly (Brad).
Laura (Travel Consultant) from Springfield, VA
Check out her neat Web site: www.traveltime.com

John, (The lobster man!!!)
Well ok, maybe the Pool & Spa guy, but rumor has it his aliases has something to do with lobsters.
Johns wife, Donna, soaking up the sun and enjoying all those magazines she always seemed to have handy. Hey! Watch those palm trees sway, you can read the mags when you are back in Oakville.

Christine, Wow, is this water ever clear. Mucho different from that cold lake water back in Winnipeg.
Dan, Christin's significant other.

Marvin, the person responsible for creating all those happy evenings. Just waiting until the Casino in the Alegro resort across the street opens. Back to being a pit supervisor.
Those scuba-holic Coke guys from Toronto. Often seen coming or going somewhere but nobody every really knew from where.

Lets go for a walk on the beach.
First and formost, the beaches on Provo are probably the best I've seen. This is a shot down the beach on Grace Bay. Although our resort (Comfort Suites) was not directly on the beach a 3 min walk was all that was required.

Provo, the land of being able to walk on a white sand beach for over an hour and never see another sole. The place to really get away from it all. Oh, did I mention the water temp was in the mid 80's. Even I found it warm.
Water sports down in front of the Club Med, which was just a short walk away.

Beach sports,
Need I say more. :-)

Whats this a new beach bartering system.
Hum...Sign me up!
(Laura on the left, Christine on the right)
Laura, enjoying the beach. Hum.. all I know is, this private beach took over 1/2 hour to get to in the jeep we rented. Up and down REALLY rocky terrain. Top speed was prolly only a couple KM/hr. Lot different then the numerious boat trips I took to get to this beach 5 years ago.

Tikki Huts, located at North West Point. Best spot for diving on the island. Well unless you talk to those Provo Divers group that had their boat get stuck there one day. Took 4-5 hours to get a Club Med boat out there to tow them back to port.
Christine waiting for Brad to really mess up a good picture opportunity.

Beach side at Ocean Club West. Cant miss those Pink Umbrellas.
(Just a hop past the Club Med)
There were a couple really nice pools a the Ocean Club.
Watch out for that black pool deck though, makes my toes curl just looking at this picture.

Just past the first pool, is a wonderfull garden full of stuff that I couldn't even attempt to name. No scratch that, there appears to be a palm tree over there on the right.
Same pool different angle. And a great outside restaurant, bar just through the palms.

Even water sports in front of the Ocean Club. Notice the water colour. I said, notice the water colour! :-)
Club Med dive boat going out. Wait a min, where are all the scuba tanks? And what were all those "water" containers and cups they were loading on board b4 they left?

Lets take a morning and go snorkeling infront of the White House (resort).
Too much fun in the water, we need a break, lets lay here sort of under this small palm tree for a bit.

Na, thats boaring, lets burry Christeen in sand. And well... Lets play a bit at the same time.
Hum, not bad... I like it, I think.

Ok, now how the heck do I get out of this thing. (Talk about sand everywhere!)
On the way back to Comfort Suites, Hum... Strange Blue thingies all over the island. Seems the water company is installing a water system throughout the island.

A place that has undergone many additions since my last visit to Provo. Caicos Cafe. The bar area pretty much the same.
But the wonderfull open air patio surrounding it really adds to the mood. Especially for the Caesar Salid and Lobster meal late in the evening. Oops, dont forget the rum drinks.

Calico Jacks, wonderfull Grouper meal here, Bit on the expensive side, but so is everything food related on the island.
Heading back to the pool deck. Not many ppl around this afternoon for some reason. Good day to lounge in the Sun and listen to some Jimmy Buffet.

Not the best picture in the world but...
The night after the great metior storm (Which was really good from the island!!!) One of the employees from a land developement office attached to the resort had set his telescope up on the pool deck. Well this is a really long story so I'll summarize. Basically he was showing everyone Saturn. Well after most had left, I was able to take the small Sharp Palm computer and point the CCD camera into the telescope eye piece, and wow, it really worked. I was so impressed that we were able to get this shot. It was perfectly clear and had very sharp edges through the eyepiece. but then again my photo talents leave lots to be desired.
"Come on John, its time to go for dinner."
"Wait I've almost got this ring game figured out."
To Johns credit, he did. 1/2 hour b4 we were to leave John was able to hook the ring at least 10 times in the 1/2 hr. Good thing the manager didn't say a free beer for every time he got it. just the first time.
Well thats all folks, If you want a better feel for the island of Provo
I am available for guided tours starting any time soon!!!